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The Center of Promotion and Development Juan Pablo II is located in the region of Sacramento, in the municipality of Moyogalpa, on the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua.

This region is a rural community and is considered the poorest of that municipality. 80% of the island population are living in extreme poverty conditions.  Sadly, most of these local inhabitants are small children.


The project center will assist 50 children of both genders in its first phase.

All those children are from the community of Sacramento, and in the next years, our goal is to be able to assist 50 more children from the neighbor communities, serving a total of 100 children.

The project is going to promote education in a special way.  Our purpose is to provide a quality education, to develop good values in children, to promote art, culture, sport and science, and to develop specials programs for needy families.


The Center of Promotion and Development Juan Pablo II aims to reach the following objectives:

  • To reduce the index of poverty, infant mortality, the index of unemployment and to reduce the number of children that skip school.
  • To promote the rights of children according to the laws of Nicaragua and international treaties.
  • To promote education, health, art and culture for the children of Ometepe.
  • To develop programs that involve the families as part of an educative and integrative process.
  • To teach educative models that develop creative ideas, which lead to the practice of essentials values for a good life such as peace, social justice, honesty, savings, labor, solidarity and respect between each other.

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